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This is the logo for RI's 2021 Statewide Self-Advocacy Conference. It consists of 2 cartoon style boxes. One box has the words "Hot Topics", with the word "hot" wearing a pair of sunglasses. 
The other box has the words "Cool Ideas". The word "cool" has arms coming out of it and hands that are giving a thumbs up.

Rhode Island's 2021 Statewide Self-Advocacy Conference

This year's event will take place virtually using the Zoom Video App on Thursday, June 24th and Friday, June 25th.

CLICK HERE to Register FREE!

Join Self-Advocates, Families, Allies, and Friends of Self-Advocacy at Hot Topics and Cool Ideas, Rhode Island’s 2021 Statewide Self-Advocacy Conference! This year’s event will take place virtually on Thursday, June 24th, and Friday, June 25th, and everyone is invited!!

LEFT CLICK one of the boxes below to watch our 2021 Conference promotional video, or scroll down to learn more about this year's events.

We created the promotion video in the following formats: voice-over, music track only, and descriptive video narration.

The first box will open the video with a voice-over track to read the words that appear on screen. The second box will open a copy that includes music only, without any voice-over. The third video includes descriptive video narration, which reads the words, and also explains what's happening on screen as the video plays.

You can also turn on the YouTube CAPTION TOOL to change the settings if you prefer a different language.


This graphic contains a photo of our Keynote Speaker, Leah Keith and Musical Guest, Mark Cutler.
Leah is holding up one of her paintings and Mark is playing his guitar. 
The words, "Hot News about this year's cool event" are written between the 2 photos.

Join Self-Advocates, Families, Allies, and Friends of Self-Advocacy at Hot Topics and Cool Ideas, Rhode Island’s 2021 Statewide Self-Advocacy Conference. This year’s event is taking place virtually on Thursday, June 24th, and Friday, June 25th, and everyone is invited!!

We’ve got a great line-up planned, including a presentation from the Leadership Series Class of 2021 and Music with a Message from our long-time Friend of Self-Advocacy and RI Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musician, Mark Cutler.

We’re also thrilled to announce this year’s Keynote Speaker, Rhode Island’s very own Leah Keith! Leah is a published poet and artist. She’s also a Peer Mentor with Advocates in Action and an elementary school art teacher. Leah’s students LOVE her, and we know you will, too!


This is an image of the 2021 conference presentations information PDF.

CLICK HERE to download this 1 page PDF file with information about the workshop presentations at this year's conference.

The workshops we have planned really capture the name of this year's conference! The different sessions each presentation team will be sharing are informative, interactive, and FUN, with a wide range of hot topics that include something cool for everyone. As you'll notice from the list below, we've scheduled 4 breakout session times over the course of our 2 days together, with several presentations to choose from during each of them.



Thursday, June 24th, 11:15 am to 12:00 pm

3 Workshop Presentations to Choose From:

A cartoon person wearing a short that says, "ask me first". The person is in the center, surrounded by arrows that are  pointing at them. A cartoon person holding a movie clapboard that has the words, "My Life, My Services" written on it. The word, "action!" is written in a comic speech bubble over the person. A cartoon face on a file folder that has "ISP" on the label and the words, "by me, with me, for me" under the face, along with some lightening bolts.
The person is surrounding by images of things to include in the support plan, such as a house, an art easel, movie tickets, a briefcase, and a graduation cap..


Thursday, June 24th, 1:30 pm to 2:15 pm

3 Workshop Presentations to Choose From:

A cartoon person dressed in a business suit and holding a briefcase. The person is standing next to a path with different colored markets on it and a goal post at the end.  A cartoon person sitting in a wheelchair in front of a racing banner. The person has thought bubble of their head with images that represent things they dream about doing. Some of the images include: a cruise ship, pets, a business suit and briefcase, getting married, a computer, a paycheck, and an actors guild mask. A cartton drawing of planet earth with a picture of hands in front making a heart shape. There are also some hearts floating up from between the hands.


Friday, June 25th, 11:15 am to 12:00 pm

3 Workshop Presentations to Choose From:

A drawing of people's hands that are held out flat and next to each other for form a circle. The words "let's connect" are written inside the circle. A cartoon person sitting in the window of a small buiding and waving. The building is inside a flower that's growing out of a flower. 2  hands are holding watering cans and watering the flower. A map of RI with location icons on it and ideas for different things to do that are low cost of free. A cartoon person is standing on one side and another one is sitting in a wheelchair on the other side. Bot hcharacters are smiling and cheering. The words "free!" appear above them in cartoon bursts, along with several lightbulbs.


Friday, June 25th, 1:15 pm to 2:00 pm

Let's Make Something Incredible Together!
2 Super Sessions to Choose From:

A cartoon drawing of Mark Cutler playing the guitar  A cartoon drawing of Leah Keith painting


A cartoon drawing of a computer with a zoom meeting and the words "Friday Night Fun. Let's Zoom"
The participant boxes are filled with several attendees and character drawing of Mark Cutler playing the guitar.
There are also images of t-shirts and a roll of raffle tickets in one of the participant screens. Another participant is holding a ticket with the words, "winning ticket!".

Friday, June 25th, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Friday Night Fun

The Conference ends at 2:30, but we hope you’ll join us again on Friday the 25th, from 7:00 to 8:30 pm, for an evening of

Dancing, Raffle Prizes, the Faces of Self-Advocacy Slideshow (starring YOU),

and a Live Concert with Mark Cutler!

* PLEASE NOTE: The Space in Each Workshop Presentation is Limited *

Once we receive your completed registration form, we'll send you a confirmation message with instructions about how to sign-up for workshops. If your first choice is already full, you may need to enter your second choice.

Fortunately, all the presentations at this year's conference are going to be amazing. In fact, the choices are so good that you may have a hard time picking one over the others! But if there's one presentation in particular that you really REALLY want to attend, we suggest not waiting any longer.

REMEMBER: The sooner you register, the sooner we'll be able to send your confirmation message with the information you need to sign-up and reserve your spot. There's no time like the present. CLICK HERE and register for free today!

And best of all, there's no cost to attend, thanks to the generosity of previous sponsors and support from our friends at the RI Department of BHDDH.

While Hot Topics and Cool Ideas is free, everyone still needs to register.

CLICK HERE, or use the link below to open the registration form in a new window so you can sign-up. Answer a few questions about yourself and hit the SUBMIT button. That’s it!

Once you’ve registered, we’ll send you a confirmation message and additional information so you can choose the workshops you’d like to attend.

It's easy, but if you have any questions or need assistance, CLICK HERE to send us an email, or call our toll-free number at 1-877-532-5543.

We're happy to help and hope to Zee you soon!

The Conference Countdown Clock is Ticking!

Let's Zoom!

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