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This is the logo for RI's 2021 Statewide Self-Advocacy Conference. It consists of 2 cartoon style boxes. One box has the words "Hot Topics", with the word "hot" wearing a pair of sunglasses. 
The other box has the words "Cool Ideas". The word "cool" has arms coming out of it and hands that are giving a thumbs up.

Rhode Island's 2021 Statewide Self-Advocacy Conference

Break-Out Session #1: The Director is IN!

A cartoon person holding a movie clapboard that has the words, "My Life, My Services" written on it. The word, "action!" is written in a comic speech bubble over the person.

The Director in In

What it means to Self-Direct your DD Services and how to do it

Presented by: Kelly Donovan, Sue Donovan, Karen Keohan, and Andrew McQuaid

Additional Resources

CLICK HERE to download this 1 page PDF, "Tips about Directing Your Services and Supports from People Who Do", created by Advocates in Action RI, Copyright 2019  Click Here to Visit the
RI Dept of BHDDH Website at BHDDH.RI.GOV.

Find Out What it Means
to Self-Direct Your DD
Services in Rhode Island
& Discover Some Tools to
Help You Get Started  CLICK HERE to visit the Sherlock Center's Resource Page for Self-Directed Services  CLICK HERE to visit for information and resources about Self-Directed Services from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS)

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