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Advocates in Action Rhode Island is a Statewide Self-Advocacy organization. We use our site to share information, resources and news about Self-Advocacy activities or events. In light of the current Coronavirus Pandemic that is sweeping through the world and across our country, we've decided to focus on using our website to help Self-Advocates stay informed and connect with others.

Our regular site isn't going away! You can still use the menu on the left to find our collection of photos, videos, games, PowerPoint presentations, music, and other items that are available to view, download and share. In addition, we'll be adding user-friendly resources, tools, and information related to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Our goal is to help support Rhode Islanders who have a developmental disability, and others during these difficult and uncertain times.

We've organized all of this into the 4 categories listed below. Click on any of them to open another page with the information that's listed.

click here for information about our Check-In and Speak-UP questionnaire Check-In and Speak-Up Questionnaire

We created a user-friendly questionnaire called "Check-In and Speak-Up" for Rhode Islanders who have a developmental disability.

CLICK HERE if you'd like to go directly to that page on our website.

We realize that finding yourself in a "pandemic" can be frightening. Almost all of our daily routines have been interrupted, along with the ways that we connect and spend time with our family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. If you're feeling a bit anxious right now, know that you're not alone! We're all in this together, and our team at Advocates in Action is here to offer our support in whatever way we can.

We hope you'll find the information and ideas on our website useful, and that you'll share what you discover here with others. We'll be updating this site on a regular basis, so let us know if you have anything specific you'd like us to add.

Please visit again soon, stay connected, and most importantly- be safe!


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This is a work in progress that we'll be updating on a regular basis and you can help!

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This page was updated on Monday, May 11, 2020

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