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The Advocates in Action RI Leadership Series

speak up, make decisions, plan your future, know your rights, be responsible, learn about government, get out and vote, be a team player, become a leader!

This is a ohoto collage of  the people in this year's Leadership Series wit hthe words, CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE 2021 LEADERSHIP SERIES CLASS PAGE. 
Note: this page is for Current Class Members and our Leadership Team.
You'll need the user name and password to login. Email our team if you need us to re-send that information.

We have a private Leadership Series 2021 page set up exclusively for this year's class. If you're in this year's class, CLICK HERE to us an email request and we'll send you the login information.

About the Leadership Series and Our Current Class

The Leadership Series is a free course that we created with support from the RI Department of BHDDH as part of our mission to empower people who have a developmental disability to advocate for themselves and others. The classes we teach in the Series are based on a user-friendly, customized curriculum that focuses on Self-Awareness; Self-Determination, and Self-Advocacy.

Some of the topics we cover in class include the following:

Circles of Support
Community Integration
Disability Rights
Exercising Your Right to Vote
How Government Works
Individualized Services Plans
Making Informed Decisions
Person Centered Thinking
Personal Introduction and Communication Skills
Public Speaking
Qualities of an Effective Leader
The RI Developmental Disabilities Service System
... And More! ...

You don't need to able to read or write to join. We use pictures, video, music, games, and other materials to make information accessible, inclusive, and easy to understand. You'll also have a Peer Mentor and are welcome to invite a family member, support staff, or friend to apply with you to take the class together.

There's NO COST to attend! Eligible applicants must be a Rhode Island resident with a developmental disability, age 18 or older. You also need email access, a way to participate in classes using Zoom, and the ability to go online for homework assignments and some of the other activities mentioned above.

Once the class is complete, you'll receive a Leadership Series diploma during a formal graduation ceremony. We'll also invite you to join Rhode Island's statewide Peer Network, which is coordinated by Advocates in Action. The Network offers a variety of opportunities for graduates to put the leadership skills they learned to everyday use, including the option of being a Peer Mentor for future classes.

We are currently running the Class of 2021, which began with a virtual Kick-Off Retreat on Thursday, February 11th and Friday, February 12th. Classes meet weekly on Wednesday afternoons from 1:00 to 2:30 pm using the Zoom video app. We'll also be offering a variety of other online activities, such as games, song-writing sessions, group projects, contests, and statewide events for class members to help us plan, participate in, and co-facilitate during our time together.

If you'd like to learn more about the Leadership Series, you may be interested in watching footage from one of our Virtual Open House Sessions.

Click the link below to view the Leadership Series Open House from Thursday, January 21st, 2021:

About the Leadership Graduate Academy

The Class of 2021 is primarily for people who haven't taken the Leadership Series yet. However, if you've already completed the Leadership Series, and you'd like to continue your education with our team here at Advocates in Action, you may be interested in our new Graduate Academy.

Use the button below to email us and we'll send you more information about the the Academy for Leadership Graduates as soon as it becomes available!

This is a box with the words, "Send us an email. Find out about an exciting new learning opportunity for Leadership Series Graduates!"
The address is:

If you're interested in joining our next Leadership Series, or you're a graduate who would like to continue your education with our team here at Advocates in Action, make sure to sign up for our mailing list so we can send you information as it becomes available. When you sign up, you'll also receive news and invitations to other events, including our Leadership Graduate Academy, How to Zoom Boot Camp, a Variety of contests, dance parties and other fun online activities, our Self-Advocacy Conference Presenters Series that will begin in the Spring, and lots more! There's something for everyone!

CLICK HERE to visit the email updates sign-up page.

Our Plain Text Companion and the BrowseAloud Screen Reader Tool

While the application process is now closed, you’re welcome to view a copy of the Plain Text Companion so see the types of questions we ask our applicants. We created this companion to make the application process more accessible. People used it to preview the questions before you complete the application. In addition, with the companion open, applicants were able to listen to individual parts of the form and translate it into a different language with the BrowseAloud Screen Reader tool.

While we designed the Plain Text Companion to accommodate 2021 Leadership Series Applicants, it can also help viewers learn more about BrowseAloud, and how to use the tool to access information across our entire site.

CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW to open the Plain Text Companion in a new tab on your web browser:

Click here for a plain text companion to the 2021 Leadership Series Application.


send us an email at this address: leaders at advocates in action dot o r g.  call our office toll-free at: 1 8 7 7 5 3 2 5 5 4 3


The Leadership Series Class of 2020

the totally awesome Leadership Series Class of 2019

Leadership Series Class of 2018 photo

Click here to view video slide shows from previous Leadership Series and Partners in Policymaking classes.

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