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Can You Hear Us Now? Experience More of Our Website with ReachDeck!

ReachDeck is an accessibility tool made by a company called Texthelp. ** NOTE: "ReachDeck" is the new name for the ReachDeck App that we've been using for many years now. While we've updated most of the information on our site to reflect this change, we created some of the graphics you'll see before they started using their new name.

Please don't let the different names confuse you! Whether it's called "ReachDeck" or "ReachDeck", this is still the same amazing accessibility tool that we've come to know and love over the years!

You can use ReachDeck for FREE to listen to our website, translate it into other languages, turn off the graphics, change the font size, and do lots more to customize the view and make your experience more accessible.

The tool includes both a desktop and a mobile version. The desktop version is for PC and Mac computers/laptops. The mobile version is for mobile devices, like Smartphones and Tablets. The App is free to use and you don't need to install any software. ReachDeck will automatically recognize the type of device you're using and activate the version that works for you.

Here's an example of what ReachDeck (previously known as BrowseAloud) looks like on both types of device:

image of a computer with the ReachDeck Desktop toollbar             image of a cellphone with the ReachDeck Mobile toolbar


As mentioned above, both versions of ReachDeck will read and translate text. In addition, the desktop version offers others features to help enhance your online experience while visiting our site. We recommend using a desktop computer or laptop to take full advantage of all the accessibilities features ReachDeck has to offer.

We've shared some tips and tricks about how to use ReachDeck in the space below and encourage you to use try the app for yourself and explore the various tools it has to offer. Remember, you can't "break" it simply by using it and trying the different settings. Trust us, we've already tried! What you can do is play around with the settings to find the ones that work best for you. As always, you can also send us an email if you get stuck or have any questions. Our address is, and we're always happy to help!

At Advocates in Action, we love using ReachDeck because it makes it easier to explore our site and understand the information that's here. We believe information is power, and we hope this tool will help your batteries and empower you to keep speaking up!!

ReachDeck Tips and Tricks

Below you'll find some of the video tutorials we've created about how to use ReachDeck. You can watch them here on our website, or by visiting the Advocates in Action YouTube channel. If you like the content you find on our channel, please help us spead the word by sharing it with others! CLICK HERE to open our channel.

And now ... on to the tutorials!!

The ReachDeck Toolbar

ReachDeck has a Toolbar that you'll need to turn on before you can use the app. Once you turn it on, your web browser will remember your settings. That means the toolbar will stay ON until you turn it OFF. If it's on when you leave the Advocates in Action website, it will still be ON when you return!

We've included a picture of the toolbar in the space below. If you'd like to see a larger view, click the image and a bigger version will open in a new tab.

It's easy to turn (or "toggle") the toolbar ON and Off by clicking the orange SPEAK button that appears in the menu on the left. Watch the short video below to learn how.


ReachDeck is more than just a screen reader. CLICK ON THE QUESTION MARK icon in the Toolbar to learn about it's other features.


This page was updated on Thursday, April 21, 2022

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