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Can You Hear Us Now? Experience More of Our Website with BrowseAloud!

BrowseAloud is an accessibility tool made by a company called Texthelp. You can use for FREE to listen to our website, and/or translate it into other languages.

The tool includes both a desktop and a mobile version. The desktop version is for PC and Mac computers/laptops. The mobile version is for mobile devices, like Smartphones and Tablets. BrowseAloud will recognize the type of device you're using and activate the version that works for you.

Both versions of BrowseAloud will read and translate text. In addition, the desktop version offers others features to help enhance your online experience while visiting our site. * If possible, we recommend using a computer to take full advantage of all the accessibilities features that are available.

We've listed each of these features, and tips on how to use BrowseAloud, in the space below. We also created some user-friendly graphics to help illustrate this information. You can click on any of these graphics to make them bigger.

At Advocates in Action, we love using BrowseAloud because it makes it easier to explore our site and understand the information that's here. We believe information is power, and we hope this tool will help you get charged!

Turn BrowseAloud ON

This is the BrowseAloud Tool Bar:

If this is your first time using this tool, or you don't see the toolbar on the top of your screen, you need to turn it on.

You don't need to install any software and there's no charge to use BrowseAloud on our website.

To turn it ON, CLICK the word "SPEAK" in the ORANGE OVAL on the LEFT that looks like this: speak

The BrowseAloud Toolbar

BrowseAloud has a Toolbar so you can control the settings for the various features. Here's are 2 images of how it will look, based on the type of device you're using. If you don't see one of the following toolbars on your screen, you need to click the word "SPEAK" in the orange oval on the side to turn it on. Return to the previous tip if you need help doing this.

  image of a computer with the BrowseAloud Desktop toollbar             image of a cellphone with the BrowseAloud Mobile toolbar

Turn BrowseAloud OFF:

BrowseAloud will stay on until you TURN IT OFF.

To stop using BrowseAloud, CLICK on the "X" at the TOP RIGHT of the Toolbar:

 CLICK this “X” to turn BrowseAloud OFF

BrowseAloud is more than just a screen reader. Here's a list of the different features and how to use them:

 (hang tight ... we're working on it!)

Find out more with these resources from Texthelp:


This page was updated on Friday, May 22, 2020

If you have any issues using BrowseAloud, CLICK HERE to send us an email so we can help figure things out!

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