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Information and Updates from the RI Department of B H D D H, Disability Services.

At Advocates in Action, we believe that information is power! We're happy to do our part by sharing this information here on our site. In addition to posting original materials as the Division makes them available, we will also be including some user-friendly companion materials to help make things more accessible and easier to understand.

You can turn on our BrowseAloud screen reader app and use it to listen-to and translate any of the materials on our site. CLICK HERE for more information about how to do that.

DD Community Forums and Information Sessions

CLICK HERE to visit our DD Community Forums page. If you have any questions, comments or ideas about the topics discussed in the forums, or you'd like to share ideas for future forums, contact DD Services atyou can are your questions and ideas with the Division by sending an email at this address:

How to Contact DD Services at the Department of BHDDH

DD Services (formerly known as "the Division of Developmental Disabilities") has set up a phone hotline and dedicated email address! CLICK HERE for information about how to reach them directly with questions or concerns about the Services you receive, one of the topics discussed at a DD Community Forums, or any of their resources that we've shared on our site.

Communications from the Division

DD Services publishes a digital newsletter called DD News and Updates. CLICK HERE to download previews editions, join their mailing list, and view other communications and resources from BHDDH.

The Rhode Island Division of Developmental Disabilities Technology Request Fund

In early 2022, the Division began to offer Rhode Islander's who receive DD Services the opportunity to make a one-time technology technology using their Technology Request Fund. The fudning an individual receives for technology is addition to their annual funding for DD Services.

At Advocates in Action we believe Technology can be a powerful tool to help people speak-up and live their lives the way they chose, so we created the following short tutorial to help explain how to complete a funding request. We also recommend that you contact your DD Caseworker for more information and to answer any questions you may have about the Fund and how to apply. If you're connected with a DD Provider Agency, they can also help.

The fund can be used to help you purchase everyday technology, such as an iPhone or Tablet, a Smart Home applinance, or an electric watch. It can also pay for different types of software or apps. The purchases you make need to help you work on one or more of the goals in your Individualized Service Plan. On that note, remember that you can update your ISP as needed throughout the year. You DON'T need to wait until your next Plan Meeting to change it!

Everyone who currently receives DD Services who hasn't already received Technology Funding from this Initiative is eligible to apply. As we mentioned above, this Technology funding is IN ADDITION to the funding you currently receive through the Division to purchase Services and Supports for the year. It's a wonderful opportunity and we encourage everyone's who interested to find out more and apply today!

CLICK HERE to visit the Division's website to learn more about the Technology Request Fund at:

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