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Self-Advocacy means finding out what's important, speaking up about it and making a difference!
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Welcome to Our Website!

Advocates in Action Rhode Island is Rhode Island's Statewide Self-Advocacy organization with federal 501(c)3 non-profit status. Use the MENU on the left to navigate our website, and feel free to SEND AN E-MAIL and CONTACT US if you're looking for something specific!

Fear Less Do More, 2019 Self-Advocacy Conference Logo

Thank you to everyone who joined us for RI's 24th Annual Statewide Self-Advocacy Conference!

We'll be sharing photos and video from the conference soon ... please visit us again!

Cartoon drawing of 3 flying geese and the wods: The Leadership Series Class of 2020


New to Self-Advocacy? Check out our "SA Pokey" music video to find out what it's all about!

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Check Out the Advocates in Action You Tube Channel!

Here are just a few of the cool videos and songs that we've created and posted on Our Advocates in Action RI You Tube Channel:

Find the Right Fit for YOU!

Sometimes you have to think outside the box to find the things you really want. Everyone is different, and awesome in their own unique way!


A Lofty Ambition

Don't let anyone stop you from pursing your dreams!

Having a Good Day!

Having a "good day" means different things for different people, but there's no "wrong answer", as long as YOUR good day means doing that things that matter most to YOU!


Ideas about Your Individual Service Plan

When something is "individualized", it means it's created specifically for the person who it's all about. It's like getting an outfit custom-tailored so it fits you perfectly. It's like ordering "a la cart", or "off the menu". If you don't the thing you're looking for, don't just settle. Ask questions. Find out what's possible and choose the things that are important to you!


Ideas About the Support Intensity Scale ("SIS")

The SIS is a set of questions about your day to day life, and what kind of support you need to be successful. The SIS is NOT a test, so you can't get the answers wrong, because it's all about you! Don't be afraid to let the people who are asking your the questions know what you need.



R-Word Busters!

Sticks and stones and NAMES HURT, TOO!



I Will Hold My Head Up High, and Keep It There Everyday

An awesome song about being proud, with lyrics by Leadership Series graduate, Amy E.


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