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speaking up about it
and making a difference!

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The Advocates in Action RI Events Calendar

The Leadership Series


Calling All Leadership Series and Partners-RI Graduates!

Applications to join our new Leadership Graduate Academy are now available! The Academy is an ongoing opportunity for those who graduated from the Leadership Series and Partners-RI to continue learning about the information and ideas we introduced during our previous time together. We'll also be adding new topics throughout the year!

There's no cost to join the Academy, thanks to support from the RI Division of Developmental Disabilities, BHDDH, but you need to complete the application form.

CLICK HERE or on the button below to find out more and apply today!

CLICK HERE to learn about our new Leadership Graduate Academy

Rhode Island's next Virtual DD Community Forum is on Wednesday, November 2nd, from 3:00-4:30pm!

At Advocates in Action, we believe that knowledge is power. You have a right to decide what you need and what you don't need to live a good life, but that's hard to do if you don't have enough information. That's why we encourage Rhode Islanders who receive DD Services, along with families and others members of the RI Community, to attend this important event.

This event is a free information session with RI Division of Developmental Disabilities Director Kevin Savage and other representatives from the Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities, & Hospitals (BHDDH). Director Savage and his team will share updates from the Division and answer questions submitted by members of the community.

Use the form below to register and send your questions to Director Savage and his team. If you can't make it to the forum, you can still use this link to submit your questions. We'll send everyone who registers a link to the recording and answers from the Division after the event.

Register for the November 2nd Forum

If this form doesn't work, CLICK HERE to open an external link and complete the registration form at

Did You Miss a Previous Community Forum??

As a reminder, you can also CLICK HERE to visit our DD Community Forum page.

View recordings from forums our organization has hosted and the Division's answers to previous questions from the community.


Advocates in Action offers a variety of classes, information sessions and fun events throughout the year. If you haven't had the opportunity to join us yet, we hope you'll find the time to do so in 2022! While most of these activities are geared towards Self-Advocates and other members of the DD Community, almost all of them are open to the general public, which means pretty much EVERYONE is invited!

We post upcoming opportunities here on our website and AinA's Public Events calendar. We also publicize that information on our Facebook Page, which we hope you'll visit and like, and through our @AinAEvents Twitter feed, which we encourage Twitter users to follow.

In addition, we offer a FREE subscription to our mailing list. We use this list to send information about upcoming events and updates on important topics related to Self-Advocacy. We also publish "What's Up News", which we send to list members. The newsletter is full of fun games, contests, articles and details about events hosted by Advocates in Action and our allies. We hope you'll add your name and stay connected with our AinA Community!

CLICK HERE to join our mailing list!

CLICK HERE to learn about some other activities and events that may be of interests from our partners, allies and friends

Use the link below to send contact us with any questions, comments or requests for information about upcoming events.

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