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check-in and speak up

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UPDATE, July 1st, 2020: Thanks for your interest in completing our questionnaire! Please note that we closed the current version on to new responses on June 19th to report on the responses we've received. We're in the process of revising the questionnaire based on some of the suggestions people shared and will share that link here once the new edition begins.

This page contains the following information about our Check-In and Speak-UP Questionnaire. You can click on any of the items listed below to jump directly to that section.

  1. Learn about the questionnaire
  2. Open a PDF copy to listen-to and translate the questions
  3. Learn how to use Google Forms to complete the questionnaire
  4. Get some help completing the questionnaire
  5. Answer the questionnaire in English or Spanish

1) About Our Check-In and Speak-UP Questionnaire


We designed "Check-In and Speak-Up" with a team of Self-Advocates who receive services through the RI DD System. Any Rhode Islander who has a developmental disability is welcome to complete this user-friendly questionnaire.

Depending on whether or not you receive DD Services, there will be 28 to 30 questions to answer. Those who don't receive services will skip the 2 questions about the services they receive. Regardless of your connection to the RI DD System, please don't let the number of questions overwhelm you! Most of the things we ask about can be answered by selecting from a list of simple multiple choice answers. We've also included some custom-made graphics to help make the format easy to understand.

Once you've identified whether or not you receive DD Services, you're also welcome to skip any of the remaining questions, but we really hope you won't! Your answers will help our organization figure out some ways that we can help during these challenging and uncertain times.

Here are some examples of what we can do, based on the feedback we receive:

  • Offer webinars, video meetings, and classes, based on people's interests
  • Share simplified guides and safety tips about the different types of technology people can use to connect with others
  • Schedule online events, such as game nights, virtual dances, singalongs, sightseeing tours, and house party hangouts
  • Host online communities where people can interact, share ideas, and offer Peer to Peer support

We also plan to share the combined feedback with the RI Division of Developmental Disabilities, policymakers, and other leaders in our state, who are developing Rhode Island's emergency response to the pandemic. By completing this questionnaire, you can make sure they hear directly from Rhode Islanders who have a developmental disability, and help guide them as they face some difficult choices in the days ahead.

Self-Advocates around the world agree: don't make decisions "about us without us." That's what this questionnaire is all about.

Whoever you are, whatever type of disability label you may have (or not have), remember, you're awesome! You're also just as important as friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers, and pretty much every other human on the planet. Sometimes we all need to take a step back and remember that.

Right now, as our government and local communities develop guidelines and policies to address the Coronavirus pandemic, it's more crucial than ever for people who have a developmental disability to speak up! That's why we created this questionnaire.

2) Open a PDF Copy of Check-In and Speak Up: Listen-To and Translate the Questions

 click here to view a PDF copy of our Check-In and Speak-UP questionnaire

CLICK HERE to view a PDF copy of "Check-In and Speak-Up"

We've shared the questionnaire as a PDF so you can see what it looks like before you begin. You can also use our BrowseAloud tool to listen to the questions and translate them into different languages. To do this, you need to turn BrowseAloud on before you open the PDF.

CLICK HERE if you need more information about how to use Browse Aloud.

3) Learn How to Use Google Forms to Complete the Questionnaire

 Google Forms

We created Check-In and Speak-Up with "Google Forms". You don't need a Google account, or any kind of computer experience to use this App. It's also free! We love free! 😊

We've listed some pictures of the pages you'll see when you begin the Questionnaire, along with tips for using Google Forms to complete it.

CLICK on an image if you need to make it bigger.

Tip #1: The Advocates in Action Website Link

 This link is at the top of every page in the questionnaire. Listen-to or translate the questions as you complete the questionnaire by opening the PDF copy and following the instructions for BrowseAloud in the previous section.

A link to our website is on the top of every page. You can click on the link ( to open a PDF copy of the questionnaire in a new browser tab.

Once the PDF is open, follow the instructions for using BrowseAloud to listen-to and translate the words on each page.

Tip #2: How to Answer the Questions and Navigate the Questionnaire

 click on a picture of words to select that answer. Click on a different picture pr word if you change your mind and want to select that one instead. CLICK on “Next” to move forward to the question that comes after the current one click on "back" to return to any of the questions that you already answered.

The questionnaire is designed so you can click on a word or the matching picture to select it for your answer. If you want to change your answer, simply click on the one you want instead.

To go forward, click NEXT. To go the previous question, click BACK. Note: you can move forward and backwards between questions without losing the answer you already selected. You can also move ahead to see the next questions without answering the one you're currently on.

Tip #3: Delete All of Your Answers and Start Over

 to start over at any time, select RELOAD from the right mouse button menu. This will erase ALL of your answers and start back at the first question and cannot be undone. Make sure it's what you want to do!

To start over at any time while you're taking the questionnaire, click the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON and select RELOAD from the menu that appears.

Please note that this will erase ALL of your answers and start back at the first question. Once you select RELOAD, it cannot be undone, so make sure it's what you want to do!

Tip #4: Submit Your Answers

 when you're done answering the questions, click on the SUBMIT button to send your answers.

When you're done answering the questions, click on the SUBMIT button to send us your completed questionnaire. Because Check-In and Speak-UP is anonymous, you won't be able to edit your answers once they've been submitted. However, if you decide to share your email address in the final question, and want to change an answer after you've sent us your questionnaire, email Advocates in Action and let us know.

Tip #5: Remember, NO Passwords!!

 You do NOT need to enter a password to complete the questionnaire. We DON'T ask for one. Please don't give us one.

Our questionnaire is also anonymous, which means we don't ask for any personal information that might identify who you are. You can complete the entire questionnaire in confidence, knowing that the only way someone will know how you answered is if you tell them.

Although we used Google Forms to create the questionnaire, we also don't ask for any passwords. In fact, you don't need to sign into Google, and you should make it a habit to never share your password through Google Forms. Be safe, and don't share your private information with others online!

4) Get Some Help Completing the Questionnaire

If you'd like some assistance answering the questions, or know someone who isn't able to complete the questionnaire online, we can help! Our team at Advocates in Action is available to offer peer support by phone or video chat.

🗓️ Schedule a Peer Support Appointment Through our Website

We use a app called Calendly , which you can use to set-up a Zoom Meeting or Phone Call for Peer Support. Listed below, you'll find some simple instructions for how to use it, along with our AinA-RI Appointment Calendar.

Follow these steps to schedule a time when you want to connect by Zoom or Phone get some help completing the questionnaire. Remember to click on an image if you want to make it bigger.

select the type of meeting: Do you want to schedule a zoom video, google hangout or phone call?  The days that appointments are available will be in blue. Click to select the day you want to have your appointment.  The day you selected in circled in dark blue. The time slots that are available on that day on listed on the right. Click to select the time you want for your appointment.

The time you selected with be in the grey box. Click on the blue button to confirm your appointment.  This is the Details Page. Enter your name and email address so we can send you a confirmation. You can also add guests. Please make sure you check them first. Type anything you want us to know before we meet, along with your text message number if you'd like us to send you a reminder. Make sure your information is correct before you hit the submit button. Click on the back arrow if you need to make any changes.  This page shows that your appointment is confirmed. You can also click on the "try it ow" button if you'd like someone from Calendly to send you information about using their App.

follow the steps listed above to schedule your appointment:

give us a call if you'd like some help completing the questionnaire: Advocates in Action RI, 1-877-532-5543

If you'd prefer to schedule an appointment by phone, call the Advocates in Action office toll-free at 1-877-532-5543.

Callers should leave their name, phone number, and the times they're available. Please note that we are working with limited staff hours, but someone from our team at Advocates in Action will return each call as soon as possible.

Rest assured that your answers are anonymous. That means you don't have to tell us your name or any personal information that you don't want to share. No one will know how you answered any of our questions unless YOU decide to tell them.

Remember: Self-Advocacy means Speaking Up! We hope you'll take a few moments to respond and add your voice to the conversation.

5) Answer the Questionnaire

CLICK on one of the links below when you're ready to go to Google Forms and begin. The questionnaire. ms in a new tab on your web browser so you can begin.

CLICK HERE to answer our Check-In and Speak-Up Questionnaire: English Version

HAGA CLIC AQUÍ para responder a nuestro Cuestionario de Registro y Respuesta: Versión en Español

Thank you for adding your voice to the conversation! We hope you'll take a moment to help others do that, too.

Please help us spread the word by copying the link to this page,, and sharing it with others. We're all in this together, and that's how we'll make it through.

click HERE to send us an email with links, resources and other ideas to add to this page:

Send us your suggestions! CLICK HERE TO email AinA if you have any information, links or suggestions you'd like us to add to this page

This page was updated on Wednesday, July 1, 2020