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speaking up about it
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The 2021 Leadership Series Home Page

The Leadership Series Class of 2021

This page is designed for our 2021 Leadership Series. Class members can click on the links below to view, listen to, and download homework assignments, recordings of our time together on Zoom, handouts, powerpoint shows, and other materials we use in class, our 2021 Google calendar and class address book, contributes from fellow students and members of the AinA Leadership team, and lots!

LEFT CLICK to open the links below. As we've mentioned during class, what happens in Vegas needs to stay there, and so do the private conversations that take place during our time together. That's why we've protected our 2021 Leadership Series pages so that only people who have the correct user name and password can open them. If you're a member of this year's class, that means you!

The username and password is the same for all of our 2021 protected pages. Email our Leadership Team if you need us to re-send the login instructions.

Remember: this confidential information! That mean you need to store it in a safe place and you shouldn't share it with others. If you're using a public computer, or one that people who aren't in this year's class have access to, please SIGN OUT OF YOUR WEB BROWSER SESSION WHEN YOU'RE DONE. This will prevent anyone who doesn't have the password from open the pages. After all, it's Vegas, baby!

CLICK HERE to open the 2021 Leadership Calendar. This page includes our Google Calendar with the Zoom Meeting links to our weekly class, along with information about related activities and events. While most of these additional opportunities are optional, we encourage everyone in this year's class to check them out and join us if you can!

CLICK HERE to open the 2021 FUNwork page. Some people call it "homework", but we call it FUN! Remember: the only way to "get it wrong" is by not giving it a try!

CLICK HERE to view Zoom Recordings from class

CLICK HERE to open our New Normal page. Listen to a lyrics video and download the words to the song we've been working on with our musician friend Mark Cutler

This is a box with an email icon and the AinA Leadership Series email address: leaders at advocates in action dot o r g.  This is a box with an image of a phone and the Advocates in Action phone number: 1- 877-532-5543.

This page was updated on Thursday, May 27, 2021