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Events of Interest from Our Partners, Allies and Friends

We're sharing the information on this page from some of our partners, friends and allies who asked us to help spread the word.
Please use the information they've included to contact the organization who's hosting these events directly.

SELF-EMPLOYMENT ONLINE Classes for People with Disabilities, Families and Community Agencies

The RI Developmental Disabilities Council is administering a grant from DLT to assist people with disabilities in learning skills to start or grow their own businesses. The project includes a Business Development Series of 6-8 Zoom meeting classes on various business topics; individual assistance from business specialists; a weekly Zoom Entrepreneur’s Forum; and an opportunity for people to receive up to $1000.00 for a mini grant to buy support, supplies, equipment, etc. for their business. Each person receives an individualized Business Portfolio at the completion of the Project which includes a description of their business, target market, Elevator Pitch, key marketing strategies, a Business Plan, and their business financial projections. This program is FREE. 

COVID has clearly impacted all of our lives but it has presented some great opportunities for people with disabilities to turn their hobbies and interests into viable businesses to make some income and improve their financial futures. The RIDDC has been running virtual Classes through Zoom meetings since last April 2020. Their Business Advisors have also been individually assisting people to design Facebook pages and websites to focus on using social media strategies for marketing their business ideas, again at no cost to the participants. 

They are starting the next round of the Business Series on February 2, 2021 from 1:00 pm-2:30 pm.

CLICK HERE to view a flyer with more information. If you'd like to listen to this flyer read aloud or translated, click here to find out how to use our free Browse Aloud app.

CLICK HERE to check out their website where you’ll find more information on some of the people who have already participated in this project and read about their great businesses (see Business Directory, Business Classes, and Self-Employment stories)   

Participation Is Limited!


Advocates in Action is sharing this information on behalf of our friends at the RI DD Council. To find out more and register for FREE, contact Claudia or Sue at the RI DD Council

Sue Babin
Phone: 401-523-2300

Claudia Lowe
Phone: 401-738-3960

This page was updated on Monday, January 25, 2021