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Rhode Island’s 23rd Annual Statewide Self-Advocacy Conference!

Thursday, October 25th, 2018 at the Crown Plaza in Warwick

Important Information, Peer-to-Peer Connections, Fresh Ideas and Tons of Fun!

Conference News You Can Use and Links to "Everything Conference"

We have extended the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT to accommodate all of you who have called or emailed us to ask for a few more days. No worries! The FINAL DEADLINE for the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT is now Wednesday, October 17th, but clock is still ticking and space is filling up fast! Register today to gaurantee your spot and save!!

CLICK HEREif you'd like to complete a registration form and pay by credit card. Once we receive your registration information, we'll send you an invoice. NOTE: Conference Invoices must be paid in full prior to the conference. Sorry, but our budget does not have room for "I.O.U.s".

The price will increase by $10 for both the Conference Day and the Dinner Dance after Wednesday, October 17th

The final day to register is Friday, October 19th, but SPACE IS LIMITED!

Register as soon as possible so you don't miss out!

Self-Advocacy is about many things. It’s about being empowered and included. It’s about finding the information you need to make your own decisions. Self-Advocacy means that you don’t live in a bubble. You’re a part of society and a member of whatever community you choose. You know your rights, and the responsibilities that go with them. You’re ok with taking risks, once you’ve weighed the possible outcomes. You make mistakes from time to time, and try to learn from them when you do … just like everyone else!

People who have a disability don’t want to be treated differently or special. They just want to live their lives on a level playing field, where everyone has the same opportunities, and each person is treated with acceptance, appreciation, and respect.

It’s all about equality! That’s the message we’ll be talking about on Thursday, October 25th at “Why Not?!?”, Rhode Island’s 23rd Annual Statewide Self-Advocacy Conference.

Asking “Why Not?!?” doesn’t mean complaining every time things don’t go exactly the way you want them to. Nothing in life is ever 100% perfect, 100% of the time!

“Why Not?!?” is about being empowered and feeling confident. It means knowing that you have the right to ask questions about the services and supports you receive, the same way you do for everything else in life. AND it means you have a right to a reasonable explanation when people tell you “no”. If the answer doesn't make sense, don't accept it. Speak-up for what you believe in!

On Thursday, October 25th, approximately 350 youth and adults with developmental disabilities, families, support staff, and other allies will gather at the Crowne Plaza for this annual day of Learning, Sharing, Peer Connections, Empowerment, and FUN! You're invited and everyone is welcome! We hope you'll join us for this awesome, integrated, and unique once-a-year event!

Here's a snapshot of our "Conference News You Can Use" brochure (pictured below). This 2 page document includes the agenda for the day, conference deadlines, hotel information and some useful tips for attendees. CLICK HERE if you'd like to download a copy to save on your computer, e-mail to others, or print and share.

2 page conference newsletter for outreach



CLICK HERE to go to the Full Conference Registration Page. This includes information about the Regular Conference Day, with End of Day Power Hour (9:30am to 5:00pm), the Evening Dinner Dance Costume Party (6:00 to 10:00pm), and Hotel Reservations for Conference Attendees who would to stay overnight on Wednesday, October 24th, and/or Thursday, October 25th.

It does NOT include information about the Youth Track Registration (see below).

Registration for our Free Youth Track at this year's conference is CLOSED!

Contact if you you'd like to be added to the waiting list

Also, PLEASE CONTACT US ASAP if any of the students in your group are not able to attend so that others on the waiting list will be able to register!

CLICK HERE for information about this year's Youth Track

megaphone with the words "speak-up"

2018 Conference Presentations

Presenter Proposals are Due No Later Than Friday, September 28th.

** Note: If you already prepared a presentation for this year's conference, but missed the deadline, CALL or SEND US AN EMAIL TODAY (no later than Friday, October 12th). While we cannot guarantee an opening for you to present, nothing is impossible. Let's see if we can figure something out!

CLICK HERE for information about how be a Presenter at this year's conference

2018 Self-Advocacy Awards

Nominations are Due No Later Than Friday, October 5th

CLICK HERE for more Information about the 2018 Self-Advocacy Awards, and how to nominate someone for one of them

person with thank you sign over head

Print-Ready Ad copy is due on Friday, October 5th for sponsors who wish to place an ad in this year's Conference Program.

** If you would like to place an ad, but will have difficulty meeting the deadline, call us ASAP at 1-877-532-5543 and we'll see what we can do! If we know what size ad you'll sending, we can put a placeholder in the program, but will definitely need the final print-ready ad no later than the following Thursday, October 11th. Alternately, we can help create an ad for you in order to meet the deadline.

CLICK HERE for details about being a sponsor.


Conference Questions? E-mail us at

Click here to send us an E-mail with your conference questions or call the Advocates in Action office at 1 - 8 7 7 - 5 3 2 - 5 5 4 3

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